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Winter Weather at SHS

by Kielyn Driskill

News Editor

Winter storms are raging across multiple states, including states that haven’t seen snow in a long time. The cold fronts are traveling as far south as Texas and Florida, and all the way up north to New York and Iowa. Northern states have been experiencing record breaking temperatures, while southern states got to experience snow for the first time in decades.

Winter is viewed differently across the United States, as every region has a different weather pattern when that time of year rolls around. However, snow storms have been spreading across all regions of the United States, even deep in the southern states. South Texas experienced a rare snowstorm on December 7, the last storm dating back to 1987. South Florida also got hit with a snowstorm on January 3, their first storm since three decades ago.

“I was outside of the PAC and it was my first time ever seeing snow,” junior Natalie Akins said. “I was running around in my Choir dress and got soaked up to my knees in water. I was having so much fun that it didn’t even feel cold, even though it was late at night and snowing.”

Northern states have been experiencing very low temperatures, which caused serious complications. Chicago was hit with extreme temperatures, hitting as low as -35 degrees. Forecasters warned states to take precautions for possible frostbite and hypothermia risks. Atlanta’s emergency room visits peaked because of the frequent patients coming in for hypothermia. While the north was struggling with risks of frostbite, the south was struggling with driving conditions and the unfamiliar weather patterns. The snow caused a peak in the number of car crashes and accidents, as southern citizens aren’t accustomed to the storms and driving in them.

“It was very difficult driving while it was snowing outside,” senior Kassidy Kelso said. “My car was covered in snow and I could barely see anything considering my car is so close to the ground. Overall, driving through the snow was something that I hope I never have to do again.”

The cold fronts that have been taking the country by storm have no intention of stopping anytime soon, for the northern states, at least. Temperatures are still dropping causing major snow storms to occur in states such as New York, Colorado, Maine, Illinois, and many more.

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