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What Everyone Ought to Know About "Borrasca"

Izzy Perez

How much do you want to bet that Cole Sprouse will pop out of the blue after disappearing for quite a while with exciting news? Yep, that’s right. Cole Sprouse has popped his head out of wherever it was that he went to plan his next career move. He has announced that he will be starring on a podcast with tons of ‘Riverdale’ vibes, ‘Borrasca’. Oo, how intriguing that is, what is this ‘Borrasca’ you might wonder?

Well, keep on wondering. Let me build up the tension that this upcoming podcast is going to produce for all its listeners! Cole Sprouse’s star sign is Leo. What does his zodiac have to do? Cole has always had artistic and dramatic career pursuits, we can expect ‘Borrasca’ to have some thriller and horror elements. If you’ve watched ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, there is no doubt that you will be into this show as well. As reporters say, the writer of ‘ The Haunting of Hill House’ is in the process of finishing the storyline for the podcast.

I’ll give you a little summary of what the show will be overall so you can decide whether or not you will want to set the date of the debut of ‘Borrasca’ on your calendar. What we have heard about it is that it will follow the character of Sam Walker, whose parents moved him and his sister to a picturesque town in the mountains of Drisking, Missouri. It doesn't take a while for him to notice that the town has more history and eerie vibes than what he thought. Soon after realizing, his sister disappears and he becomes obsessed with finding the truth that the town and townspeople have hidden. That is just the beginning of more sinister things to come.

The podcast will debut in April. I don’t know about you, but I’m anxiously excited to listen to it. You know what’s weirder than the actual podcast itself. Cole hasn’t posted much about his new role, or much less the podcast itself. What? How is it possible for him to leave us in the blue like that. You’re right, he tends to do that every fresh project he is part of.

Don’t forget, if you are a Cole Sprouse fan, you can catch him on season 4 of ‘Riverdale.’ Hopefully, once the release date gets closer, he’ll start to tell us a little bit more. Not too much, but just enough!

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