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Unique Spring Break Destinations

by Reyna Davila

Staff Writer

Spring is almost here. For many, spring break is filled with beach vacations, relaxation, and creating memories with friends that will last a lifetime. Traveling is a popular activity for any break from school, and spring break is one of the best times for it. The location most frequently visited are many unique and exciting places to visit during break, both in-state and out-of-state.

One spring break destination that’s just an hour out from Seguin is Jacob’s Well, which is essentially a big hole in the earth that is filled with water from the Cypress River in Wimberley, Texas. It is a great place to enjoy time with family, because not only is there entertainment in swimming in the well itself, but there is also hiking trails, a children's playground, a picnic area, and geocaching available in the park. It’s best for family and friends to have a day trip and to plan ahead and reserve a time for the full experience. For others looking for taking a trip longer than a day, Enchanted Rock would be a good choice which is known for its camping, hiking, and swimming.

The hot weather of spring can be dreadful, but choosing to embrace it can open friends and family to several new experiences. The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve in southern Colorado and White Sands National Monument in southern New Mexico, creates a unique opportunity to go sandboarding. At the Great Sand Dunes National Park, camping and lodging are optional, and there is also numerous of other activities including hiking and backpacking, swimming in the Medano Creek, looking at the stars, photography, etc. Another similar place to visit would be White Sands in New Mexico. It’s known for having sand so white that it looks like snow. It also offers bicycling, hiking, and driving through the sand dunes.

Last but not least, taking a road trip out to Port Aransas can create fantastic memories with friends. Sometimes school can get really busy, and it doesn’t leave much time to hang out with the people you care about. Playing in the sand, listening to good music, and just relaxing is a good way to hang out with friends. Also, taking a trip to Port Aransas can help with funding the restoration of the town after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Spring break is the perfect time to create memories and travel. It is a much needed distraction from all the stressful aspects of everyday life. Hopefully, one of these fun and relaxing destinations can be added to your traveling list.

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