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Town Goes Nuts for Pecans. Annual event draws crowds, offers tasty treats

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Hunter Kotronakis

Columns Editor

Every year, the city of Seguin hosts Pecan Fest to celebrate its time-honored affiliation with and passion for pecans. This year, Central Park was the center for most of the attractions like vendors, live music, and pecan-themed treats.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau Director for the city of Seguin, Kyle Kramm, has been involved with the organization of Pecan Fest for over five years. He plays a huge role in tourism for Seguin, and ran the information booth at Pecan Fest.

“Basically, I’m in charge of the revitalization and tourism department of the city,” Kramm said. “Different organizations have hosted Pecan Fest over the years, but ever since about twelve years ago, the Main Street programs have been in charge.”

This year is similar to ones in the past, but a few things stand out about it in particular.

“Part of Pecan Fest every year is Juan Seguin’s birthday, because it always falls on this weekend,” Kramm said. “He would have turned 213 years old yesterday, which is when we held the Sebastopol Historic Tours and the Hats Off to Seguin Pub Crawl. Another thing special about this year is that Snickers is selling pecan-filled Snickers bars as a limited-time item today. We always try to incorporate new ideas here every year.”

A full schedule of events can be found online at seguingonuts.com, but perhaps the most notable of them would be the Pecan-Shelling Contest and the live music performers like Ballet Folklorico De La Rosa and The De Leons.

“I very much enjoyed the music they were playing at Central Park,” Pecan Fest attendee Linda Graback said. “And all the vendors were selling beautiful art and interesting products. I think it’s important for people to be able to sell merchandise and support the community while celebrating the town’s history. All the people you meet at these kinds of things are so diverse, the fresh air is nice, and I do love kettle corn, too.”

Pecan Fest enthusiasts will be excited to know that the YuleFest Arts ‘n Crafts Bazaar will be hosted on December 1, where many of the same vendors will be set up.

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