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Titanic at the Aumont

Lizz Pumphrey

Journalism Adviser

Tales from the Titanic are coming to Seguin in a limited, 4 night engagement at the Aumont Saloon. On April 5 the dinner theatre production will open for the public with all proceeds going to benefit the Seguin Autism Group.

Local thespian and artist, Brandi Atchley, is directing the production.

“The titanic dinner is an elegant evening of entertainment,” Atchley said. “We have about 27 actors portraying different passengers in stories you may have never heard before. We also have an amazing menu by chef Paul Schroeder. It’s a four course meal taken from the actual menu on the Titanic.”

Sophomore Lexi Bertling joined the cast after Atchley came to cosmo to recruit makeup and hair artists for the production.

“I was interested in acting, and I kind of get stage fright, but I decided why not,” Bertling said. “It’s really cool being able to become this person in history and see the world the way they did. I feel like I’ve become more open about new stuff, and it’s helping me become less shy.”

The show has a cast with a wide age range from kids to adults. Briesemeister sixth grader, Julian Underwood, is excited to be in a show with that challenges him and teaches him new things.

“I’ve had to learn to do a British accent and that’s been really hard,” Underwood said. “It’s also fun because my mom is in it with me and I love theatre and acting.”

The cast has been rehearsing Sunday through Thursday for weeks to perfect each of the vignettes. They have also been working on a choral arrangement of “Nearer my God to Thee,” which was famously played by a stringed ensemble as the ship went down.

Seguin High School Senior, Jay Curry, is portraying first class passenger Victor Penasco who perished when the ship sank. He says the show, and meal, will be worth the ticket price.

“I’d definitely recommend the community come see the show,” Curry said. “This is not the movie ‘Titanic,’ this is the real story, and it’s going to be an evening of super powerful theatre. It’s also for a really great cause.”

The show opens April 5, and will run the 6, 11, and 12. Tickets can be purchased via the Playland Production Events and Entertainment Facebook page, and must be purchased 2 days in advance.

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