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The Start of Spring Football

by: Trinity Ramirez


It’s that time of the year again. Spring football has started up again and the team has been working diligently in order to prepare for their upcoming fall season. During the spring, the boys take the time to play themselves rather that other teams in the district

All coaches and players who have been in the football period throughout the year will be participating in spring football. The team practices after school, Monday through Friday, in order to keep their skills sharp for the fall season.

“The purpose of spring football is to better prepare the players for the upcoming season and get them thinking about the plays we run and coverages we have to learn,” junior Hayden Haas said. “It's mainly just a learning phase for us. Personally, I am just looking forward to see how good we play together this year. This is the year the Seguin Matadors will do great things. I guarantee that.”

This spring season is going to be beneficial to the football team in many ways by giving players an opportunity to bond and build trust amongst themselves. The trust they learn in the spring season is used to help them play better in the fall.

“I’m a defensive back and as a free safety I’ve learned a lot of drills, too many to count, and I use about 20-25 plays as of now,” freshman Eli Villanueva said. “We do multiple drills to help spark for footwork and explosiveness. I expect the varsity team to at least have a winning season, if not make the playoffs.”

This season the football team is going to be polishing their drills and plays to make them more successful for next season. This helps give the players a leg up for the upcoming fall season so they can be their very best when the time comes.

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