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The Effects of Offensive slurs

Angel Medrano

News Editor

Teenagers saying offensive words in their common vocabulary has been a problem ever since slang was invented. Something so prevalent in our everyday lives is easy to overlook and excuse. Everyone says things that they know they shouldn’t but it’s important to learn how hurtful words can really be.

Offensive slurs are unfortunately something that most people are familiar with. We’ve all heard them regarding everything such as race, sexual orientation, mental disabilities, and more. For the most part, they are used in modern day vocabulary as “light-hearted” and “humorous.” Even though they are used in such ways it does not take away from the actual definitions of these words.

The very creations of offensive slurs were to, well, offend. The impact of some of these words still cut deep for people who these words were originally intended for.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in teenagers. A big contributing factor of what’s leading kids to take their own lives is bullying. According to the National Center of Educational Statistics, approximately 30% of teens have experienced bullying. It has been reported that 14% of high school students have heavily considered committing suicide, and those are only the ones who have reported it. Teens who have been bullied are five times more likely to commit suicide than the average adolescent, with minority groups adding heavily to this percentage.

Causing someone pain by the use of offensive slurs is not always someone calling someone else a name in order to hurt them. Your very own friends could suffer in silence as you use the words thinking they are completely okay. Most people don’t speak up when they are uncomfortable with the use of such words for fear of looking “un-cool,” causing your friends to feel disconnected and hurt.

Using offensive slurs have been one of bullies favorite weapons to use against people for the sole reason of hurting them. No matter how they are used, they always hurt to some degree even if isn’t towards the person it is being spoken to. The use of such offensive slurs should never be permitted, officially or socially by peers. You should never use words that were created for the use of hurting someone. Especially since you never know who they actually might be hurting or what the impact could be.

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