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Swim Seniors Step Up, Lead teams rookies through positivity

Justine Nunez


The Seguin High School swim team has “dove” their way into the new season with a splash of fun and dedication. Although their team is not large enough to join competitions in their own district, Coach Weir has taught them through all their wins, and every loss.

The swimmers practice every morning throughout the week to get better and increase their speed. Despite waking up early being a struggle, they try to make the best of it.

“The team as a whole is great, they're so fun to be around, even at five in the morning,” senior Abbi Knox said. “Since its a first year for all of us, we aren't as great as the other teams, but I feel like we are improving individually. I think this improvement can be credited to Weir’s positive feedback. Weir is always congratulating us on how we do, which makes us happy, and helps our self confidence.”

The younger members of the team look up to the senior’s positivity they spread around during meets and practices, it gives them the boost to try harder.

“We make sure to tell everyone they did a good job,” Knox said. “ The other seniors and I are upset that we started late, but it only makes us want to do our best because we don’t always get last in our heat [which] definitely boosts up our confidence, and we believe there is always a chance for us we just have to work and practice harder than others.”

Recently, before going on winter break, the swim team had their last meet of 2019 and commemorated the occasion in many fun ways. They went to eat at Muck & Fuss and exchanged secret santa gifts. This was a celebration of how diligent they've been throughout the season and a good opportunity to show appreciation for one another.

“We actually haven’t had a meet since the one in December,” Knox said. “Our last scheduled swim meet is actually next Thursday. It’s our district meet and to add to that, a foreign exchange student, Melanie on our team got approved by UIL, so she can compete and earn points for the team now!“

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