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Sweet Treats for Seguin Citizens, NHS Donates Valentine's Candy for Elders

Angel Medrano

News Editor

The National Honors Society (NHS) will be hosting a candy drive to “be a valentine” for local elders in nursing homes. The drive is meant to give candy to senior citizens in nursing homes so their Valentine's Day is more enjoyable. NHS is offering members one community service hour in exchange for five candy bars, but anyone can donate to the cause.

Members of nursing homes often go unvisited, so the members of NHS came up with the drive to give them an opportunity to see people and interact.

“It’s to remember our forgotten population,” senior Maria Valdez said. “It’s to tell our citizens and residents of the nursing home that they are not forgotten and that we, the youth, care about them.”

The candy will be hand-delivered to nursing home residents by members of NHS. It’s an opportunity for residents to receive a gift from student and feel thought of in an otherwise sentiment-lacking environment.

“The elders don't get visitors that often,” senior Virgina Sierra said. “Most of them don’t have families to go visit them so we’re giving them the chance to see new people and faces to give them little gifts and make them feel special.”

NHS hosts monthly meetings to plan out ways to help and benefit the community. They plan activities for the community not just to earn service hours, but to make a long lasting impact on Seguin. They offer scholarships for their members of the program as well.

The candy drive is an opportunity for students and the older generation to form a connection. It gives students the chance to do something good while they’re still in school, and reminds elders that they’re not alone. The candy drive will be going on until Valentine's Day. You can donate candy and chocolate bars to room A304 if you want to help the NHS contribute to the older community in our area.

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