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Students Produce Film

Senior Isaiah Ramirez was the primary camera operator during filming of the production. PHOTO BY: Emilie Weber

by: Zoey Lynn

Executive Editor

This year, a specially chosen group of students were selected to direct, film, cut, and act in a short film entirely produced by students. The film will be debuted June 1 in the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

Most of the cast and crew either swore to secrecy or had little to no idea of what was exactly going on in the film. The director, senior Chloe Polanco, kept the whole project under wraps and only let a select few know what the film was about.

“While we are keeping the plot to the movie a secret, I can tell you that it is a little bit thriller and a little bit science fiction,” CTE instructor Jeff McCrary said. “The goal we set when we started the process of making this movie was for people that watched the movie to think, ‘that was good film.’ Not, ‘that was a good student film.’ We would like people to forget that they are watching a movie made by high school students.”

A majority of the filming was done at Erskine by senior Isaiah Ramirez, and the cast and crew were also students from Seguin. The open auditions allowed anyone to be involved in this production, and a large group of students jumped on the opportunity to be involved in the large scale filming experience. McCrary oversaw the students as they worked on completing this project.

“The entire film is student run,” McCrary said. “The script was written and directed by Chloe Polanco. The students are editing, creating the music, recording the sound, etc. I merely act in a supervisory role. If I see something that needs to be addressed then I'll bring it to their attention, but I have found the best thing for me to do is to get out of their way and let them create. When people watch this movie, they will truly be watching a student creation.”

The work put into creating this production will be displayed for the public upon completion, and the pride felt by each student involved in this project can finally be brought to light.

“We will be having a red carpet premiere at Seguin High School,” McCrary said. “It will be in the evening and we will be inviting the entire community out to watch. We will hopefully be able to set aside some time during school for the student body to watch, and then we will post the video online for the world to see.”

The motivation behind creating this film stemmed from students’ interest in filmmaking and the drive to create their own story. The film as a whole has required the inclusion of many organizations on campus and has utilized the skills of individuals not only in one of the CTE classes.

“The filmmaking process is very different from everything else because it involves so many different areas to complete the project,” McCrary said. “We've also involved many different programs in the school; from cosmetology, to construction, to business and more. This project has been made possible by many people. Too many to list. This goes far beyond my class. This is a school-wide effort.”

McCrary plans to continue on this project and allow students’ next year to also create their own short films. He is hoping to submit future films to not only the UIL Filmmaker Competition, but also The Austin Film Festivals Young Filmmakers Competition.

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