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Students Hold Walk-Out, Protest Gun Violence in Schools

by: Jonah Reilly

Columns Editor

Due to the large number of school shootings in the U.S., high school students across the country have taken action. On Friday, April 20, a walk-out was lead by Seguin students who wanted to protest peacefully to promote safer school environments on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Tables were available on the patio right outside the cafeteria that allowed students to register to vote and voice their thoughts via letters to congress. The peaceful protest was arranged and led by senior Juanita Lozano.

“What I did was think of some type of way to make the 20 minutes students were out of class productive,” Lozano said. “I knew people were going to walk out, and I wanted to use that opportunity to help them.”

Lozano took things into her own hands by going to Wal-Mart to get supplies and went to work preparing for the event.

“I bought a huge stack of printer paper, and found a way to get ahold of some voter registration cards,” Lozano said. “At the end of the day, Texas gained 16 new registered voters and I’d say that’s better than gaining none.”

Due to Lozano’s actions, other students joined the rally, bringing signs to have their voices heard. Senior Maya Clark, had her own that read, ‘I should be worrying about my grades, not my safety.’

“School is supposed to be our safe zone,” Clark said. “Knowing it’s not our safe zone hurts my heart. We shouldn’t be worrying about our lives at school. I would tell a congressman to think about people as people. Not as numbers, and not as statistics. We are living in a place where we are in fear, and we should not have to fear. We should just want to learn in a safe environment.”

Sophomore Monica Martinez spoke up during the rally when a megaphone was passed around, and shared her personal deepest fears about her younger brothers going through a school shooting.

“Seeing everything in the news after the Parkland shooting made me think of my little brothers, and how their schools don’t have much protection,” Martinez said. “I don’t want to see them dead. I would beg a congressman for stricter gun control laws.”

While the protest was primarily composed of those in opposition to gun violence, there were a handful of students in favor of the second amendment that also took part showing the diversity at the varsity campus.

The protest was conducted peacefully and order was maintained by the students without help from teachers and admin who were on hand as a precaution.

At the conclusion of the gathering, the majority of students returned to class with only a handful electing to remain out of school to continue their protest.

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