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Student Push for Gay/Straight Alliance on Campus

Jordan Clark

Students are pushing for change on campus by devising a plan to create a club for LGBT+ students in hopes of helping shy and scared individuals come out and accept who they are. By doing so, they believe SHS will provide a more comfortable environment for all students despite gender, sexual orientation, or academic achievements.

“The Gay/Straight Alliance Club is basically a safe space for LGBT+ students and also for straight allies to come together and talk about issues, get fundraisers, and decrease the bullying that happens a lot within the school,” junior Georgia Nickel said. “We’re getting petitions right now because in the past we have been asking for one and trying to get one but it hasn’t really come to fruition.”

Nickel has been working alongside sophomore Raven McLeod to start this organization. Together they have been out talking to students and teachers explaining what a GSA club would mean for them and others.

“About a week ago, I wrote a petition so that people could sign it and prove they wanted a GSA to come to the high school,” McLeod said. “ We’ve gotten about 100 signatures so far, me and a couple of other people.”

The GSA is being sponsored by the librarian, Jaclyn Silvius. This is her first year on campus, and Silvius wants to help support students and what matters to them.

“I feel like anybody regardless of who you love or what you look like deserves to feel like they belong,” Silvius said. “I know that students who are LGBT+ are often looked down upon and made fun of, so I think this would be a good way for students who are either gay or straight to see that they are really not that different.”

The Gay/Straight Alliance already has plans for a float they hope to show off in one of the many community parades coming this year. They believe this will help raise awareness and support for the children that suffer from bullying. Students also believe that the float could be a fun project that would bring people together; sparking more friendships and healthy relationships that would provide comfort for struggling teens.

Those pushing for this campus organization say the Gay/Straight Alliance club would benefit the school in more ways than one. Petitioners took their club paperwork to admin at the end of January, and finally got approved to start a GSA at the High School.

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