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Strong Girls, Stronger TEAM

Raven Trevino

The Seguin High School softball team is currently preparing for the season ahead and their first JV and Varsity home game was on February 18. The team has been training and giving the effort to prove themselves and their strengths.

"We're learning a lot of repetition and getting in a lot of reps to simulate game-like situations," Marissa Bradley, varsity pitcher said. "A lot of girls are learning new things and adjusting to the way coach Garcia coaches."

Head Coach John Garcia has been teaching the girls new ways to improve and what it takes to play the game. From proper hand-eye coordination to the way they walk and approach the bat. “We believe fundamentals are the biggest things you need to have,” Garcia said. “If you have a sound fundamental ball, you can compete with anyone.”

Coach Garcia holds the team close to his heart and sees very highly of the seniors. As well as the veterans of the team encourage their peers to improve and give them the knowledge to do so. “The seniors are the heart of the team,” Garcia said. “Junior varsity is getting a lot from them and this year is going to be really good.”

Sophomore Lauren Dempster agrees with her teammate Bradley that they are accomplishing goals this season. She believes that since her leg injury last year, she has become stronger and has grown with her team.

“I think everyone is learning in different ways and learning new techniques,” Dempster said. “I’m really excited to get out there since I had injuries last year.”

Getting used to a new team can be challenging for the coaches, learning and adjusting to the different ways the girls play individually. Knowing everything from how they run to how home life affects them in the game. They learn how to support everyone individually and maintain a focused mind out on the field.

“Our coaches have adjusted a lot based on last year,” Bradley said. “Our coaches have been really supportive and have been helping us learn. This year, the seniors are passing down what they know to the current and newer girls on the team.”

Bradley and her coaches are confident and ready for this season’s games. The girls are excited and ready to step up to the bat in order to achieve their goals and grow together as friends and as a strong girls ’ softball team.

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