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Starsteppers Host Competition

Trinity Ramirez


While it may seem like something easy and fun, dance requires mental and physical discipline. The Starsteppers dance team has to memorize dances and strive to improve and perfect techniques constantly. Though the dance team is most commonly seen performing at pep rallies or a half-time show, the dancers do much more.

The dance team practices everyday, with the exception of Tuesday, from seventh period until 6pm Their practices started before the school year started. The competitive season officially starts after the football season ended. They begin their season by learning choreography and preparing for contests. This year they are competing in pom, contemporary and kick dances. Their competitions are scored differently than most other events.

“Different companies score differently and each are ‘famous’ for their own likes and dislikes,” coach Chelsea Bode said. “A routine that places first at one competition could place fifth at a different companies competition. In general, however, they're looking for cleanliness, sharpness, proper execution of the style and staying true to the rules of each genre, knowledge of the routines, confidence, expression, control, energy levels, skills, use of levels and space, formations, creativity, etc.”

The dance team hosted a competition on February 17. About 25 dance teams attended this competition from many different areas.

“We were very excited to be hosting a competition for crowd pleasers and can’t wait to meet all the new teams and serve others”, Sophomore Morgan Reinhard said. “Our last competition at canyon high school was very successful for our team, we continue to work hard every practice to ensure the best results for our upcoming competition in March”.

The dance team has been working for awhile now trying to prepare and hone their techniques to secure the best score they can receive at their next competition. They are excited to show the judges what they have been working on for the better part of this school year.

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