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Harley Bauer


When you think of someone who radiates positive energy, who do you think of? For many, it would be Jazmin Blair. Blair is a senior here at SHS who is very well known due to her uplifting spirit and go-getter attitude.

“I have learned that being negative won't get me anywhere,” Blair said. “I’m young and happy and I know it may sound naive, but I just want to have fun and live life. I'm a constant party and everybody near me, just gets sucked in to my positive energy and I’m proud of that.”

Blair’s involvement in numerous activities allows her to spread her positivity all around campus.. As many already know, Blair is our mascot, Pepe. She is also involved in the theatre department as well as the varsity choir where she is a state champion in solo and ensemble.

“I enjoy these things because I get to work with all types of people from different backgrounds and different views,” Blair said. “Each activity comes with a different group of people which I consider family.”

The most recent theatre show Blair participated in was the children’s show back in October. She is a very active member of the theatre and says that it is definitely her favorite group to be a part of. This comes from her hope to go into music or acting after high school.

“I love the stage,” Blair said. “The stage is my home and the place where I'm most comfortable. Whether it be dancing, singing, or acting,. The people who I call family are in theatre and they are also a big reason I love it.”

No matter what she does after graduation, Blair will still be the positive and enthusiastic person she is today. She will definitely have left a long-lasting impact on many students as well as our school.

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