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Sleep Hacks

Izzy Perez

Lifestyles Editor

Can you please shut up brain? I’m trying to sleep. No? Ok. Great. Well, it seems our brains just won’t let us get the rest we need. But, no need to worry, there’s a couple of tricks to trick your brain to shut off and let you get that nap or sleep you’ve been needing and desiring for quite a while now.

As we all have been told before; the trouble we have sleeping is often caused by stress, anxiety, sleep/mood disorders, and depression. It is so frustrating sometimes! You know you need to sleep so you can get through the next day. Here’s a couple of tricks and tips to fix this problem.

Before going to bed, you can stretch or do yoga. It will help you to unwind before bed, release the tension that you and your muscles have built up throughout the day, and you won’t have to worry about it taking longer than 10 minutes. You can find some ideas at ‘15 Poses to Help You Sleep Better.’ You can also drink a special herbal tea, like Passionflower. It is an herbal tea that results in an enhanced mood, better sleep, relaxation, and pain relief. And if you want to take a different herbal tea, there are plenty others that you can choose from. They will all help you to have a better sleep, but will have different ingredients and less/more intensity depending on what you choose. Try taking a hot shower or bath, the temperature of the water will help to put you mind and body at ease. Another idea, eye masks. They come in different materials and little decorations if you're into that pizzazz! They’re made for everyone and anyone. Especially, if you’re the type of person that needs complete darkness to fall asleep.

STOP STRESSING AND overthinking! This is the most simple method there is. Worrying will not help any of your problems. It will only create more for you to worry about. Just take things as they are and live life a minute at a time. Whatever happens will happen.

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