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Promposals, Am I Right?

by Christian Molina



People make such a big deal out of them. As a guy, you feel like if you don’t make some over the top show of affection, then your potential date will be let down, and may search elsewhere for a prom-partner. First, perhaps I should clarify what a "promposal" even is. It's exactly what it sounds like...a proposal to the prom.

Promposals have taken over social media, and have become something of a generational fad. I mean, sure, they can be sweet, but they can also be pointless and at times, offensive. Just this week, a teen from Florida promposed with a racist “cotton-picking” joke. It instantly went viral. It highlighted the ignorance of some of the people of our generation, but also highlighted how ignorant teens can be. We can take something meant to be funny and cute and turn it into something awful.

Taken to the next level, promposals can create drama within relationships. In my own experience they can create confusion, and awkwardness. I had a friend who jokingly asked me to prom, and I thought we were going together, but now I don’t even know. This morning I got to school, and I decided to take action. I was going to sort things out myself, and that’s what led to this whole incoherent promposal rant.

So, I guess I’ll just get to the point. Zoey….

UPDATE: She said "YES!"

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