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President Trump's Problem: What's going on in DC and the students who care

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Karen Ranft

Executive Editor

The House of Representatives approved a resolution which lays the ground rules for the upcoming phases of the Impeachment Inquiry against President Donald Trump. The vote held Thursday, October 31 passed 232 to 196 with all the republicans, as well as 2 democrats, voting against its passage. Now that the impeachment has been formalized public hearings are expected to follow.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, originally initiated the Impeachment Inquiry after two whistleblowers alleged that Trump and other government officials had abused their power by coercing foreign leaders to interfere with the upcoming 2020 presidential election. According to their sources, Trump threatened to withhold military support from Ukraine unless they did him a “favor” and launched an investigation on Joe Biden, a frontrunner in the impending presidential election. These allegations have been confirmed by members of the Ukrainian government and White House officials as well as many others.

However despite the credible testimonies, Trump claims his impeachment is the “Greatest Witch Hunt in American History” and continues to deny any wrongdoing. This has caused a divide within the government and between citizens as well.

While some students on campus may not know what’s going on, or may be tired of hearing about it, the members of the Matador Speech and Debate team are keeping up with it for contest preparation.

“I think Trump should be impeached,” junior debate team member Jaxson Butler said. “He has committed several impeachable offenses. We are in a very critical time period and the decisions we make now will have a drastic effect on our future. ”

Despite the evidence against him, a recent poll conducted across campus found that only 55.9% of the high school community believes removing Trump from office is the best decision for our country.

“I honestly never thought it would go this far,” sophomore debate team member Jorge Villanueva said. “Unfortunately the house of representatives has a bunch of democrats who prefer party over country. All the president was trying to do was investigate corruption with Joe Biden when it’s obvious Biden and his son have been involved in illegal activities. I don't understand why the democrats keep trying to impeach him when he's trying to do what's good for the country.”

Although the community has strong opinions about Trump's impeachment proceedings, his fate lies in the hands of the Republican controlled Senate.

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