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Powerlifting Reps Seguin

by Reagan Rodgers


Everyday of the school week, a team of athletes gather in the weight room at 6:30 in the morning. They spend an hour conditioning their bodies to be in tip top shape to be able to lift as much weight as possible. This training is a long, intense process

The powerlifting team is one of the highest winning teams in Seguin, with athletes going to state almost every year the past few years. Senior varsity powerlifter Brandon Palomares has been a part of the team for four years now and made it to state two years prior to this year.

“The best part about being in powerlifting is the bond you create with your teammates,” Palomares said. “We’re constantly grinding with each other and we invest so much in one another. The hardest part of powerlifting is waking up at 5 in the morning consistently. Everything else is easy when you have a team behind you that supports you. We’re a family. We all want each other to be successful.”

Preparing for meets is a long, physically challenging process that can be painful. Whether it’s pushing their bodies to the edge by lifting as much as they possibly can, or eating small, protein packed meals to make their weight class, getting their bodies into top condition.

“The most important preparation for meets is getting your mind right,” junior and varsity powerlifter Ashlee Hernandez said. “You have to go into the meet knowing that you’re going to purely lift the most weight that you can, and beating your past maxes. I also like to pray and listen to worship music because that is what helps me compete, because religion is very important to me.”

Coaching a team that takes so much mental dedication and concentration isn’t an easy job. For powerlifting coach Nate Langford, the way to get the best out of athletes is to do the work with them by doing each work out with the lifters.

“The biggest challenge with coaching powerlifting is making sure the kids are motivated everyday at practice,” Langford said. “Practice can be a grind so trying to keep it fun and energetic is a real challenge. I coach powerlifting to help kids reach their full potential and accomplish their strength goals.”

The meets are the most anticipated days for the powerlifters. Each practice goes towards being as successful as possible at meets and making the requirements to make it to regionals and state.

“The best part about coaching the team is watching the kids work hard during practice and seeing them excel at the powerlifting meets,” Langford said. “My main goal for my athletes is for them to improved from the first day of practice to the last practice as well as learn some life long healthy living skills.”

Powerlifting is a sport that takes mental and physical strength. These athletes are some of the best of the best, and certainly the strongest. The powerlifting team will host a meet at home on February 3.

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