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Plum Flavored Winter Twist, Redbull introduces new flavor

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Justine Nunez

When having a tiring or long day and still have more time ahead of me, the go-to drink that I always get is an Original Red Bull. That changed this year when I found out that, a winter edition Red Bull came out with the flavor of Plum Twist and it gives you the most sparkling and energized feeling ever.

They first came out with editions back in the year 2012, but during the holiday season in 2018, people went off the roof when they saw that Red Bull came out with their very first winter edition. Oh and not to mention how deliciously fruity it tasted once it was savored in your mouth. And to add to that, 2018 was also the year when Red Bull was sold the most since 1987, with the amount of 6.790 billion cans sold worldwide. Half of that was because of the newest winter edition drink that came out, which most people who drink energy drinks loved, especially in their favorite season of them all.

The ‘special edition’ drinks only come out when it’s their time to, within 2011 Red Bull had come out with 16 Red Bull flavors (editions) that are tropical. One tropical flavor that is always out and most sold is the yellow edition, which means there is no limited amount date, this is my personal favorite. Some other favorite editions are Blue, Red, Green, Purple and Lime flavors because they all have their own special flavor to it, whether it’s coconut berry, tropical fruit, and kiwi, all are great tasting flavors.

So if you love a strong fruity kick in the morning or just having a long day, the plum twist Red Bull is the perfect drink for you. However, this limited-time drink is out only during November 6, throughout January 31st or however long the supplies last in stores near you. So if you’re interested in fruity, tropical and strong flavors I recommend you try the winter edition Red Bull.

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