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Oscar 2018 Predictions & Snubs- Best Picture

by Jonah Reilly

Columns Editor

Best Picture-

Will win: “Get Out” or “Lady Bird”

Should win: “Lady Bird”

Should’ve been nominated: “I, Tonya”, “A Ghost Story”, and “Columbus”

When it comes to score-sheets, which are the most-likely determiner for Best Picture predictions, “Get Out” and “Lady Bird” are neck and neck. Both are cleverly scripted and brilliant in unique ways, striving off of powerful performances and clever direction. However, “Lady Bird” outshines “Get Out” ever so slightly. There’s something so stylistic and brightly relatable about “Lady Bird” that puts it above its competition. “Lady Bird” is beautifully scripted, powerfully performed, with gorgeous cinematography, and heartfelt real story that is strikingly resonating.

The “I, Tonya” snub for Best Picture is a blatant omission, as “I, Tonya” was elevated due to its excelsior editing, bold approach, whip-smart script, and jaw-dropping performances. With the glaring empty spot in the room-for-ten nomination category, it’s hard to think of a reason beyond sloppy CGI that this film would be withheld a best pic nod. However, the fact that this film has won more film awards than many of the films that earned a nomination is striking, and should be enough to overlook some iffy special effects. This isn’t an argument of a film was nominated and this one should’ve taken its place. This is a case of they could’ve, and they should’ve.

“Columbus” is a quietly brilliant character study. Everything about this film is cleverly delicate and wonderful. With a theme of “asymmetrical, but balanced” that is so consistent and present in every single shot, which is something nearly impossible to nail as well as it did. Every element of this story is intimate and absolutely astonishing, with beautifully organic dialogue and performances, and carved-from-marble cinematography. This is a powerfully hushed film that needs to be seen by everyone. It’s available on Hulu, for those of you who are lucky enough to have Hulu, watch it immediately.

My favorite film of the year was “A Ghost Story”, a gripping and hauntingly beautiful spectacle with so much to say about time, life, and love. An absolutely stunning and quietly explosive film that represents everything I love about cinema. The acting is soft yet bold, the script is layered and thought-provoking to the point of chills. The cinematography is astonishing beyond words. It’s impossible to set the allure of the camerawork in this film to words, because there are too many that describe the grandeur in each shot. However, despite all of this, it is getting overlooked throughout this entire award season. This is most likely because it squeaked by with a budget of a mere $100,000. That may seem like a lot out of context, but an average movie budget is upwards of “A Ghost Story” multiplied by ten. One hundred thousand, in a field of one hundred million. The Academy Awards has been criticized of neglecting to acknowledge films of meager budgets, and that critique didn’t really resonate with me until this glorious film got snubbed. This is a film that should be viewed by everyone, and if you have Amazon Prime, it’s available for viewing.

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