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On Stage, Theatre Presents: Willy Wonka Jr.

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Harley Bauer

Editor in Chief

Oompa loompa, doopity doo, SHS theatre has another great production for you. With lights up and mics on, these young actors transformed the Performing Arts Center into Willy Wonka’s candy factory. “Willy Wonka Jr” was full of fun and music that entertained community patrons as well as a whole host of local elementary students.

“I love performing for all the kids,” senior Faith Sehon said. “Part of me hopes that they will take away some lessons from Willy Wonka Jr but I mostly am just excited to see all their little smiles at the end of the show.”

The members of the Matador theatre had been preparing for this play for about 7 weeks prior to the first showing. They have put so much work into both their roles and their set. However, the actors are not the only ones who put in hours of work to make the show worth it. The “techies” also play a very important role in the production as well.

“Being a ‘techy’ is pretty fun really,” junior Ruth Morales said. “We get to joke around before and after shows and kids get excited thinking that you’re related with the actors. As a spot, I am constantly having the spotlight on the actors and making sure that the audience can see all of them.”

One of the most favored aspects of working in the children’s show is being able to perform for the elementary kids.

“They make my heart so happy,” junior Olivia Snedigar said. “Whenever I have a little one hug me, I think to myself that this is why I do this show. I love making other people happy and seeing their smiles makes all of the long hours worth it.”

For many of the cast members, the show isn’t just a show though. It’s a way to connect with each other and learn about themselves. Some cast members even recall seeing themselves in the characters they play.

“Being an Oompa Loompa was so much fun,” freshman Aly Burns said. “We got to make kids laugh and just have fun on stage! I originally tried out for Veruca but I think the roles that everyone got really made the show special.”

Willy Wonka was bittersweet for some of the cast. While it has been an honor to get to be a part of the show, many are sad that it has come to an end as they performed their last children’s show as a senior.

“I am going to miss and cherish all the memories and friendships,” senior Jazmin Blair said. “They have been some of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with. They have not only become life-long friends, but family as well. I have loved each and every year and they have become a part of my life.”

Overall, Willy Wonka Jr was a great success! Between the great performance, the spot on singing, and the hard work brought by each and every one of the Matador Theatre members, the show was one to remember.

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