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New Years Plans

Izzy Perez

Lifestyles Editor

We welcome a new year! 2019 zoomed past without a noise. Is 2020 different? It better be. No more let downs this year. We won’t let it happen. 2020 will be a loud boom bringing us opportunities and the best of luck. It’s an even number, so let us embrace it and allow for it to balance our lives just the way we want it to.

There’s so many things to do and various ways to celebrate the new year, but we can’t let the blues of the old year ending get in the way of celebrating it just right. So, here’s a couple of ideas to keep the blues away.

Rearrange or clean out your closet - Your closet is how you start off your day. A cluttered closet means a cluttered mind. But, a fresh, cared for, organized closet leads to a total revivement of your physical space and headspace.

Set a small weekly goal for the new year - Remember those New Year’s resolutions of the past years you never really got to check off? Cross them off now! Commit yourself to something new that you know will impact your life and being in the best way.

Reconnect with those you miss - Sometimes you lay in bed and can’t sleep because your remembering all those good memories and bad. Get rid of all those suffocating feelings and talk with the people you were close to.

Try a new look - New year, new me. A small cliche, but make that saying worth a little more than what’s usually put into it.

Read an entire book - Bet you won’t pick one up and finish it. *smirks*

Practice a mindful activity - Whether it's breathing exercises, meditation, or more active practices. It’s the best and most effective way to feel 3.0 you.

Treat yourself to a Me-Day - After a long and hard year, it is the best way to recharge.

Organize a day out with your friends - Collecting some enjoyable memories with your buddies will strengthen your bond with them.

Have a technology free weekend - Cleanse yourself of the vibes that social media sends out.

Get out of your comfort zone - Try new things and get the exhilaration of something new.

You’ll see a difference in your mood and energy if you decide to give these a go, this will definitely set the path to a positive and interesting new year that will bring us all the goods that include peace, harmony, happiness, and last but not least wealth. We’re ready for you 2020 and goodbye 2019!

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