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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Haley Slussler

Chloe Moriondo is an upcoming artist, her style is mirrored after popular styles like soft pop and Lo-fi. Her album “Rabbit Hearted” covered crushes, love, heartbreak and unrequited affection.

As an artist, she has the potential to be famous, but she hasn’t gained recognition for her work. She has written songs, but the music explores a few topics. Artists from any period, from the musical renaissance to now, wrote about heartbreak and romance. The only issue with her music is that it explored a small range of life experiences. Heartbreak and romance could only take you so far.

Her career started from singing covers of Joji, Cavetown, and it was usually a song that can be played with a small instrument, the ukulele is commonly used in her covers. Eventually, she wrote her music: lyrics, beats and a melody to combine the elements she used. It matches the topics she discusses in her songs.

From “Waves” to “Dream of U,” they all have a similar feel - relaxing and peaceful - it’s a daydream. Moriondo’s newest song “Kindergarten,” is about crushing leading to heartbreak midsong. Oddly enough, it still has the sincerity and heartwarming elements. Even when the music video has a mature appearance, it reads as wholesome and pure.

Chloe Moriondo as an artist, though her music isn’t party music, you could listen to it on repeat for hours. Once you put your earbuds in, or headphones on, you’ll be lost. Just because it's 2 am and finally realizing that my phone is dead, does not mean that I'm obsessed with her music. Her overall persona fits her tone and music, she embodies the soft girl aesthetic. Wearing oversized sweaters, painted overalls, circular glasses, and colorful makeup. I’m here for it. Her comment section is usually fawning over how cute she looks, and appreciating her voice.

She is genuinely a positive influence and she has tons of potential. Her voice is soft, warm - it’s relaxing and easy to get addicted to. She has yet to skyrocket to immediate fame, and her music is severely underrated. Listening to her voice and finding time to relax, appreciate the sound she’s made.

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