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Mr. Keddal Back on the Mend

Jada Jackson

Staff Writer

Students tend to love having interesting teachers. One of those teachers at SHS is Mark Keddal. His students and those close to him were devastated to hear about his sickness. While dealing with cancer, he was gone for awhile due to treatment. Thankfully, he turned out okay and he’s back to teaching.

“I missed last year from spring break on with cancer, so I’ve started the year and feel pretty good,” Keddal said. “I missed teaching when I couldn’t and now I feel like a whole man again. I’m happy to be here.”

Going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments is tough, but he powered through it. He has recovered over six months and is grateful to have returned.

“I’m in recovery and don’t have anymore cancer, they cut it out,” Keddal said. “I didn’t have a lot of trouble with chemo and radiation but I took six months to recover from the surgery. I didn’t know if I was gonna make it back or not, so it’s a real plague. I don’t recommend it to anybody.”

His students from the 2018-2019 school year were shocked after hearing the news. They’ve missed him while he was gone and are glad to have him back.

“Honestly, whenever he announced it in class I really couldn’t believe it,” senior Christopher Gonzales said. “I was really happy to see him again to say the least. I knew he was back because I could smell his incense from down the hall. It really made my day seeing him back in his element.”

Anyone who has had Mr. Keddal as a teacher knows he’s a wise guy with a lot of life experience. He truly is one in a million.

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