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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is a non-profit organization that, as their title suggests, campaigns for the well-being of animals. This organization is also known as “PETA.” PETA prides themselves on fighting for the end of non-vegan products, especially the meat industry, claiming it is cruel to exploit and kill an animal of any kind. Well, any animal except the thousands of dogs and cats that enter their shelters.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture released files stating in the year 2018 alone more than 71% of animals that were brought into PETA’s shelter were euthanized. Over the past 20 years PETA has killed 39,961 animals. That is more than the entire population of Seguin, and that number only grows as time goes on.

PETA has been taking the lives of the very animals they claim to be protecting and fighting for, right under our noses. In an article written by PETA addressing the issue, they refer to the killings as “kind deaths,” claiming that keeping the animals alive would be cruel.

According to the Huffington Post, the organization had euthanized a girl’s dog within hours of the pet entering its shelters. In most states it is illegal to euthanize an animal entering a shelter within the first five days of its arrival. This five day grace period allows families and pet owners to search and find their dogs when they are missing.

The truth about PETA is that they’ve been killing innocent animals without any attempt at finding them forever homes or using their resources to do so. PETA needs to be held accountable for the murders of thousands of dogs and cats as these contradict everything the organization is supposedly about.

PETA may not be for the ethical treatment of animals, but there are several organizations that have kinder practices towards animals. The Guadalupe Humane Society and Austins Pets Alive are local, no-kill options to donate to.

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