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Matadors Remember the Amazing Mr. Lee

Lizz Daniels


When the name Jack Lee is mentioned in Seguin, it is hard to find a person who is not familiar with the man. He was a mover and a shaker with a large following of fans, and others who vigorously debated with him via his many Facebook posts. He encouraged people to register to vote, and never pulled punches when trying to educate his students. Jack was a staple of the community and things are a little less “golden” without him on campus.

Seguin High School was the home of this prolific teacher for over 30 years. He retired at the end of the 2018-2019 school year to focus on family and personal endeavors, but left behind him a lasting legacy of community service and love for education that continues even after his passing.

Former student Stephanie Clark remembers him fondly as having impacted not only her life as a teenager, but as someone who was a part of something bigger.

“He was truly able to make my day, along with anyone who crossed his path,” Clark said. “He has impacted the whole community of Seguin through the kindness of his heart and nobody will forget him for many, many years.”

As part of his campus duties, Mr. Lee sponsored the Interact Club. In this way he taught students to give back to their home towns through community service. He also actively participated in the Rotary Club, and could be found out supporting students when they had extracurriculars going on.

“I was lucky to have the opportunity of working with Mr. Lee in Interact,” senior Daniel Aceituno said. “He was very understanding when it came down to splitting time with our other activities in school and he always supported us in everything we do. He was a major support system for all of us.”

Lee was also known as being somewhat divisive due to his personal views, but he carried the reputation proudly due to his belief that our world needs more person to person discourse. He proved that people can communicate and learn about each other no matter how different, and he was an inspiration to many teachers on campus.

In a post shared on May 31 to the Seguin High School Facebook page, Mr. Lee shared his thoughts on his time as a Matador.

“It was my distinct honor and privilege to have taught at Seguin High School for 34 of my 44 year teaching career,” he wrote. “As an educator I could not have asked for better students or colleagues. I will lock my classroom door for the last time today and spend my ‘retirement years’ doing the stuff that retired people do - or I’ll just go back to the classroom. I will really miss the students and my fellow faculty members but I know that in a community the size of Seguin, ties to anyone are seldom completely severed.”

Services for Mr. Lee were held on Sunday, August 28 in the Performing Arts Center. It was Jack’s wish to have his memorial at the campus he loved so much. Campus Administration even went one step further by renaming the third floor the “Lee House” this year in honor of his legacy. Though he may be gone, Jack Lee will be remembered by all who knew him.

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