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Make Schools VPN Friendly

Georgia Nickel

A lot of people know the feeling of researching for a project or just trying to pull up a funny meme for your friend on your phone when bam! The site is blocked and not working. In school, at shopping malls, and even at home, many people use VPNs for their phones to keep their internet activity private and to access sites that are blocked by the wifi network. However, it seems that schools like Seguin High School don't understand these reasons and instead decide not only to block all the VPNs but also ban them in the student handbook.

One of the reasons schools decide to do this is because VPNs unblock sites that are distracting to students. However, teenagers are always going to be distracted by something. Wouldn't teachers rather they be distracted by something that keeps them quiet and calm, rather than crazy pranks or loud talking? Besides, most students have mobile data, which will enable them to be able to get on these sites and be distracted anyways.

Another reason schools ban VPNs is that it stops the school from being able to see if students are using the internet for inappropriate/illegal activity. Why is it any of the school's right to look through our stuff? Why should the school be able to access our privacy, as if students are somehow prisoners? If they don't want us to be on illegal or inappropriate websites, they should block those and not other sites, like they do with Instagram or Tumblr, and make it, so they're resistant to VPNs. Don't we deserve the same right to our activity as any other adult U.S. citizen? Maybe schools need to search a student's internet history if they are suspected of a crime, but for them to be able to go through what we seek, what we watch, what we message any time they want is entirely immoral and unfair

So, Seguin High School, maybe it's time we are the first to change our tune and start looking at changing the rules for our phones' sake and to stand up to the ones banning our privacy and limiting our browsing.

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