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Lady Mats Hit The Court

Karen Ranft

Executive Editor

Basketball season is a much anticipated time of year for the players, as the ball is now in their court to improve their skills. Both the Matadors and Lady Mats have been practicing every morning before school for hours, hoping to perfect their technique in order to perform well during games

“I've become a lot more confident in myself,” Varsity Captain Cyan Clack said. “My teammates are always pushing me to become better. When I’m tired and can't push anymore they are always there to make sure I am still going hard so that I'm prepared when it's game time.”

As it stands, the Lady Mats have won 2 out of 11 games and The Matadors are 4. In district with 14 victories out of 26 games. While the competition is gratifying, the most important things are the lessons the athletes take with them off the court.

“Basketball has taught me that practice doesn’t make perfection, it makes permanence,” Varsity co-Captain Kaitlyn Ranft said. “Basketball has taught me patience, how to work hard and to take every opportunity I have. In the long-run, basketball will not only apply to college, but working after graduation.”

Ranft hopes to share the lessons she has learned during the seven years she has played basketball with others by getting a degree in sports management. Not only will this give upcoming athletes a head-start on sportsmanship, it will also give them a head-start on all life skills.

Community members wishing to support the basketball teams are encouraged to come to their games every Tuesday and Friday at 6:30pm.

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