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Juanita Tries Basketball

Juanita Lozano


If it wasn’t for the East High Wildcats, I would have never considered picking up a basketball. “Getting my head in the game,” wasn’t the biggest hurdle, it was getting my hands on the ball. Before stepping foot into the gym, I had pure confidence that I was going to be decently okay at whatever was thrown at me. Both mentally, and psychically. How hard can dribbling a ball possibly be? The answer? Very hard.

I thought being in middle school athletics qualified you to be reasonably moderate at any athletic sport, but I underestimated the five year gap that consisted of little to no physical activity. At a quick glance, basketball consists of two things; running, and making a basket. The act of running didn’t scream “challenging” to me, until my partner, Joel Moreno, was already on the other side of the court when I had barely started. If you haven’t ran in a while, let it be known that running without stretching can and will leave your legs in pain.

Aside from running, I got to try some of the basketball team’s defensive/offensive drills, which were somewhat more entertaining than just running, but were also more demanding. I think it’s safe to say that if my coach, Joel, had a team, and I was on it; I would be on the bench. Apart from the running and the drills, actually shooting a basketball was my favorite part. I can’t say that I’m good at shooting, but I’m good. Or I thought I was good. Joel taught me that shooting a basketball “properly” doesn’t require two hands, but does require upper arm strength; both of which I don’t have. Again, middle school athletics does NOT prepare you for any type of sport after a five year gap.

Besides the reality checks I faced, trying something new felt more personal than physical. I realized that, yes, the whole, “You can do anything you put your mind to,” is true to some extent, but you can’t realistically be good at everything. I’ve done ALMOST every club that Seguin High School has to offer, and when it comes down to it, sports are not my thing and that’s okay. I encourage everyone, especially seniors, to try something new because a couple years from now it’ll be too late, and all chances not taken will only be regrets.

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