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Job Shadow Event a Success, CTE students get real-world experience

Harley Bauer

The second annual job shadow event was hosted on February 19. The job shadow is an event that offers high school students the opportunity to perform in an actual work environment.

“Well it is going to be hands-on training and students,” CTE department head Diana Weber said. “Are going to have the opportunity to explore and spend time at a local business that they’re interested in. They’re going to get a job shadow at a local business and so they’ll be able to see job opportunities in their hometown and get hands-on experience.”

The event offers students the opportunity to get firsthand knowledge in a certain area or field. The students will be interacting with Seguin Area professionals while they work and will be observing operations and procedures.

“All of the companies have provided not just time for touring the company but actually time for the students to do things so they have activities planned for them,” Weber said. “They are also going to give them lunch and let them do some networking as well as get to meet some other employees. Depending on the job, they will have varied activities and the jobs will be very specific of course.”

Last year, the event helped the organizers get an idea of how they wanted to organize the event in the future and it also gave them the opportunity to have more businesses be apart of the event. This year, the event ended up being very successful and will be looked forward to next year.

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