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How to stay Fashionable & Warm this Winter

Georgia Nickel


Brrrrr! It’s that time of year again when the air gets cold. Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone, and all of our wardrobes have suddenly become very…limited. During the summer, spring, and fall, we splurge on cute shorts and ripped jeans, as well as adorable crop tops. However, this becomes an issue when it gets below seventy degrees and we’re all left shivering in our cute summer clothes. Over the years, I've found ways to integrate summer clothes into winter apparel, as well as discover some of the best brands to buy that will keep you warm.

My first tip would definitely be layers, layers, layers! Miss wearing that cute sleeveless top you got this summer? Put it over a turtleneck! Too cold for a skirt? Wear some adorable tights or leggings! There are endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching your clothing to suit the winter season. Also, wearing darker colors such as blacks, blues, and dark reds are best at soaking up the sun and will keep you warmer than light colored clothes. Go goth for winter and soft girl for the spring! This also helps to create diversity in your look throughout the year.

Secondly, cute warm accessories can be added to keep you cozy while also being stylish! My favorite items to wear during the winter time are ear muffs, gloves, scarves, and cool socks. Though most people consider earmuffs to be kind of dorky I always thought they were super fun and unique. If you’re the kind of girl who likes to stand out, that’s definitely the outfit piece you should get yourself. Gloves, though annoying when texting, are amazing at keeping you warm when you’re freezing outside waiting for your mom to pick you up. They can also help add the slightest bit of color if you’re looking to spice up an outfit that’s too bland. Scarves and cool socks are by far the best things to wear if you’re someone who’s into comfort as well as fashion, so if you wanna take a lazy day while also looking good I would definitely recommend this. The best place to get these accessories in my opinion is Amazon, Hot Topic, Forever 21, and, of course, Goodwill.

The fabric choices of your clothes is also important when it comes to warmth and fashion. During the winter, I like to wear more knitted wool shirts and thick coats. Fake fur is also good to have in your closet to keep you nice and toasty! Also avoiding heavy metal jewelry can keep you from getting too chilly. Small or plastic/wood jewelry shouldn’t make you too cold though!

I hope you all enjoyed my fun tips and tricks and that it helps you stay warm this winter.

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