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HOSA Host Annual Contest

Angel Medrano

HOSA, for the first time ever, held its annual competition here at Seguin High School. The competition is an opportunity for students to show off their projects, which will be judged and given a chance to be placed.

Approximately 1,300 students came to compete in 50 different medically related events from all over South Texas, with 80 judges to give scores.

“It’s like UIL but with a medically related theme,” lead HOSA adviser Kelly Soefje, said. “They will be showing off all of the skills they've learned, and all of the knowledge they’ve gained in all of their health science related classes.”

HOSA holding the competition is their way of showing off Seguin's new campus.

“I am proud,” Soefje said. “I’m very proud to show off our campus here because we’ve all worked so hard within the community to have a first-class campus and school here. I think there’s no better way to show it off and highlight what true Matador spirit really is.”

HOSA was really optimistic about Seguin hosting this year.

“I think as hosts our kids are going to go above and beyond in true Matador spirit,” Soefje said. “That’s what Seguin is known for. Seguin is known for being friendly and going above and beyond when it comes to being friendly. I think that’s where we’ll really be winners.”

Students participating in the competition had been preparing for it since last school year to ensure that they do well. There were limited events that Matadors competed in but five students have already advanced to state.

“I think that in itself it shows that we are already shining bright as winners,” said Soefje. “Even if none of the kids place with their projects at our competition here, we’re already advancing to state in April.”

HOSA’s competition is their time to display their work. The contest is a new way

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