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Help Save Marshmallow

Kielyn Driskill

Features Editor

Animals often help us cope in times of need, times of worry and sorrow, and anything in between. Marshmallow, sophomore Naomi Hernandez’s cat, suffered tremendous trauma to her diaphragm and is in need of surgery to fix it. Surgeries run very high in price, so to make sure that the money is raised, Hernandez is making sure she is doing everything she can to save her best friend.

Marshmallow has been there for Hernandez through a lot of grieving and sadness. When Hernandez’s parents passed away, Marshmallow was always there to cheer her up and provide her comfort. Marshmallow is the only living memory of her parents she has left, which plays a big part of why Hernandez wants to save her cat so desperately.

“She has been my best friend for the longest time,” Hernandez said. “She was there for me when my mother passed away five years ago and also when my father passed away about a year ago. Everyday when I get home from school, she’s always there waiting for me. She’s always there to comfort me.”

To ensure that Marshmallow can receive the surgery she needs, Hernandez has been doing everything she can to help raise money. She has been baking cupcakes and selling them, putting all money from the sales going towards Marshmallow’s surgery. She also has set up a GoFundMe. Hernandez is not giving up the fight, as she continues to spread the word about Marshmallow around campus, so much that her GoFundMe recently started trending.

“I am trying to raise money as much as possible to take care of the vet bills,” Hernandez said. “The goal for the GoFundMe is nine hundred and eighty dollars. Although the goal is set high, the GoFundMe has already reached four hundred and seventy dollars raised. All I can really do is try my best, but I’m hopeful we can reach the goal.”

To help support Hernandez, you can either buy her baked goods she sells or you can donate to her GoFundMe online by going to the GoFundMe website, searching ‘Help Save Marshmallow’, and reading about the cause and what you can do to help.

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