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Global Warming: Warm Up to the Idea

by Zoey Lynn

Features Editor

It seems almost ridiculous at the amount of genuinely cold days the state of Texas experienced last year. November hardly felt like fall should feel, and the days seemed to get hotter. Global warming, contrary to popular belief, is not a hoax.

Global warming is a real, serious issue plaguing the world. It has been the topic of many debates, with skeptics claiming it to be untrue. The increase in temperature should be proof enough the globe is getting warmer.

Each year the climate reaches higher temperatures than the one before it, breaking records as it goes. The introduction and increased use of fossil fuels, waste, and a new generation of people that disregard the potential hazards, are all contributing factors to the warm climate. The ice caps have drastically decreased in size over the last few decades, ultimately wiping out multiple species and putting many on the endangered species list. Due to the sudden melting, the sea levels have also seen an increase the last few years, posing a threat to major cities. If heavily frozen areas, such as Antarctica, continue to melt due to the rising temperatures, coasts along the United States and countries all around the world could see a problem within their cities.

The skeptics who claim there is no rise in temperature often defend their ideas by implying there is no real evidence. Rather than arguing if the problem exists, it’s time to start focusing on how to stop the problem from worsening. Reducing the use of fossil fuels and hazardous materials would drastically slow down any global warming and the effects that on the planet that come with global warming.

Future generations are going to be saddled with the problems these modern generations cause, and the selfish act of just letting them deal with it rather than accepting that global warming is an actual issue is disheartening. The continuation of global warming would affect our children, and their children’s children if something is not done. By allowing this problem to grow, we risk the destruction of family lines. It is not just animals that are affected by this increase, humans share this earth with these creatures and are just as affected by it as they are. This change is supported by solid scientific evidence and predictions of how devastating global warming can be, should be enough to get people to put aside their pride and do something for the greater good.

Little things we do everyday could be the difference between a continuation of this monumental threat and a potential solution. Instead taking a car to the grocery store, if you live close enough, trying riding a bike or walking. Minimizing the amount of hair spray and airsoft containers we use could also prove to make a significant difference. Global warming is as real as it gets. With the rising temperatures and natural threats, it’s time for this generation to be the advocating voice of change.

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