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Give Teachers the RESPECT They Deserve

Hunter Kotronakis

Far too often are faculty members here at Seguin High disrespected or given unwarranted criticism from their students. It happens daily, from ignoring simple requests or displaying blatant apathy all the way to aggressively responding to pacific rule enforcement. The vast majority of cases in which students believe their teachers deserve to be insulted or reprimanded are unjustifiable.

Anyone who chooses to work with minors in a school setting cares about the future and wants to educate the children of today to create a better tomorrow. This is common knowledge. All they want is for their students to learn and grow into intelligent, open-minded adults. For these very same students to not only refuse but denounce this education by taking out their aggression on teachers is a disgrace to our community.

Even if they’re only working here for the pay (which is almost certainly not true, since the average public school teacher in Texas is paid $55,000 a year according to Salary.com), they still deserve just as much respect as any other human being. When a person asks you to follow simple, easily-understood rules, there’s no reason to lash out at them. It might benefit the student body to appreciate the lengths Seguin High School’s faculty goes to give us an education “good as gold.”

Each student here has teachers that care about their education, and given the proper respect, they will work to help them understand the material they are learning. Instructors are not autonomous authority figures that only want to make your lives difficult by assigning homework and preventing you from enjoying yourself. They are people who invest time and effort into the common goal of making sure you’re ready for life after high school, so be grateful that you have them.

To all the students out there, appreciate your teachers. Let them know how important they are to your education by giving them the respect they deserve.

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