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Fine Arts Hosts Collage

by: Reyna Davila


The fine arts collage was held recently and featured music, theatre, dance, and visual arts from high school, and middle school students as well. The event was held on Saturday, March 24 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.

All of the fine arts departments came together for one big event to present and showcase their art, with many collaborations between the TLU Band, the Matador Band, the Mariachi Band, and the theatre department. The main purpose of the collage was to showcase the grand opening of the auditorium. Numerous amounts of students attended to show support for their fellow classmates, along with several parents and community members.

“The band put together an hour long performance that brought in the mariachi and the choir,” sophomore Lauren Vara said. “Personally, my favorite part was when some of the TLU band came to play with the high school band to perform a piece called Pines of Rome.”

The Matador Mariachi Band performed multiple pieces with multiple different styles behind it. They spent days practicing after school to perfect their sound and performance for the concert.

“Varsity performed ‘Este es Mi Mexico Mano’, which is a sone,” sophomore Sophia Sauceda said. “They also played ‘La Cecilia’, a huasteco, and ‘La Bruja’, which is a ranchera. In mariachi our music comes from folk music from different regions of Mexico, and each has their own distinct sound to them.”

Another main attraction from the night was the Matador Choir. The choir presented lots of musical performances including group performances and solos as well.

“Choir performed as a large group and we also performed our solos and ensemble,” sophomore Valeria Hernandez said. “My favorite part was when choir sang with the band for the grand finale of America the Beautiful.”

Last but not least, theater made their debut. The department incorporated musical theater performances, monologues, and even performed a few scenes from their one act play “David’s Mother.”

“The turnout for the arts fest as a whole really surprised me,” senior Amber Mawande said. “I was so overjoyed to see so many faces and supporters there to watch all the different departments, as well as the finale which included all of them. I also got to sing a song from our fall musical with the band on stage.”

Overall the fine arts collage was a very successful event. This event perfectly showcased each of the fine arts program’s talents. With a lot of friends and family coming to embrace the event, it made it a cherished memory for all who were involved.

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