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Finals After Break: Stressful for Students

This year, the school decided to bump finals to after the winter break, inconveniencing both students and teachers. It is the staff’s opinion that having to test after the break could negatively affect the grades students are able to achieve due to the nearly three week break between studies that precedes finals.

Having a final over things that almost in entirety was taught in the months before the nearly three week break after coming back makes it difficult to remember what was crammed into our brains before the break. Students already have a hard enough time remembering curriculum from September, even with a review before the test a few months after. With a review after the break, an extra month later than usual, the knowledge students might’ve almost absorbed is close to gone by the tests.

The way finals have been done for the past several years, students get to study before the break for exactly what has been taught before the break, which they have been continually reminded of and still have fresh in their brains. It’s much more logical to have the test over the first half of the year before the break that separates the first half of the year with the second.

Furthermore, the staff believes that having tests before the break gives students time to relax over the break. With all the classes and homework and extracurriculars students participate in before the break, having finals before the break alleviated the stress of preparing for them ahead of time. The tests are stressful enough before the break, and pushing them behind the break only gives even more stress to the holiday season. Now, students are forced to think about the tests during the break, and many will even use the time to study for the finals instead of spending time with their families enjoying the holiday season. This is an inconvenience and takes away from the joy that’s supposed to come with the season.

The administration set finals after the break because first semester doesn’t end until then, but the staff would rather not have the tests with the end of the semester, and instead, the same as always, with tests being the end of the studying and losing sleep. Instead, students now have to keep having school immediately after these tests, which don’t even come with a shortened day. Tests are something that drains each and every person that takes and administers them, so while for school administration it might not seem to be any different, it’s slowly killing teachers and students. At the very least, shortened days give students time to go home and rest their minds for a moment before studying for the next days’ stream of tests. The winter break always gave a rest period after the mental workout that is finals, and now the only break students will get is the weekend.

It is the opinion of the staff that in order to prevent the fuss stirred up from this year’s test scheduling, the tests should be before the break. Even in that means not finishing out the semester beforehand, at least the staff and students get a moment to make up for all the lost sleep before being rushed back into school.

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