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Extracurriculars Facing Enrollment Struggles Students, Sponsors, Chirps staff want to know why

High school should be a place where students can figure out what kind of career they would like to pursue after they graduate. This is why Seguin High School has so many extracurricular clubs, elective courses, and co-curricular activities. The broader the courses offered, the more of a chance students here will find what it is they’re looking for in a lifelong dream job. This is why it’s concerning that so many of these clubs and classes are slowly losing members, and the general level of enthusiasm about many of them is dying down to the point where some are fearful for their continuation.

One such example is Business Professionals of America (BPA), a club whose members learn about real-world business concepts such as financial management and business ownership. The things they learn, whether they intend to pursue a career in business or not, are incredibly valuable in adult life. There aren’t many opportunities to gain experience in an actual formal setting (like that which a BPA meeting provides) before graduating high school. However, in recent years, many of its members and even its advisors have noticed that it’s losing membership at an alarming rate.

“When you look at the numbers we’ve had over the last four years, they’ve steadily dropped every year,” BPA President Cody Mazzurana said. “We’ve tried everything we can to recruit more people, but it’s not working. I don’t think it’s just the BPA program, either. A lot of programs are losing the numbers that they used to have. I don’t know what it would be, or how we would fix it, but there’s definitely a problem here at Seguin High School.”

Many others have expressed this same worry, and although some have ideas about what the cause of this deterioration might be, a clear answer has yet to emerge.

“Ever since the shift from 8 to 7 periods in my freshman year, participation in extracurriculars has been going down because there simply aren’t enough periods in the day,” senior Andy McDowall said. “Students can’t go get the classes they want while also getting experience in whatever their career choice is because there isn’t enough space in their schedule. I think extracurriculars will continue to suffer as long as there is a 7 period schedule.”

If Seguin High School wants to foster hope for the future of the workforce and encourage its students to prepare for the future in the best way possible, we should all consider taking a closer look at what’s actually going on here. As Albert Einstein once said: “If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes defining it and 5 minutes solving it.”

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