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D.I. Team Prepares For State

Jonah Reilly

Columns Editor

The Seguin Treasure Destination Imagination team recently competed at the Regional level and advanced to State. The team competed on February 17 and got first in their category, as well as a Renaissance Award for their social media outreach against bullying and support of mental health.

In order to properly prepare themselves for Regionals, Seguin Treasure started many months before the competition. However, it took a little longer for the fire to be lit under their seats.

“It wasn’t until three or four months before competition that we really started to buckle down and work,” Christian Molina, junior and Seguin Treasure team member, said. “There was a lot of script rehearsals and set building. I know our script was formulated to touch on all the criteria we were presented with.”

When forming a D.I. skit, there is a rubric that must be followed in order for the skit to rack up enough points to advance. Applying a script to these demands is not always easy.

“We typically spend a lot of time on our script,” Serenity DeLeon, junior and Seguin Treasure team member, said. “We start off with a rough draft of what needs to be in our script, so the judges will and audience understand our solution. We spent a lot of time reading the challenge. We then narrowed our list of community needs, and decided what we wanted to assist with. Then, we added the fun stuff: music, humor, puns, and a powerful message.”

Unlike previous years, this season the Seguin Treasure team competed in Community Service, which required a certain outreach to the community in a creative way. Not only did they succeed at meeting the rubric, but they earned the esteemed Renaissance Award for their work.

“Our Community Service project theme is Empathy”, DeLeon said. ”That meant understanding and feeling what others feel by relating and putting ourselves in their shoes. For one of our events at the high school we passed out kindness clips to promote this. It reminded students to be kind and think about how our actions will affect others.”

With their Regional first-place earning, Seguin Treasure has their sights set for State, and eventually, they have hopes for Globals, as they’ve gone for the past few years.

“For state, it’s going to be more run-throughs, and we have plans to change our script to do even better,” Molina said. “It’ll be long, but it’ll be worth it. We hope to go onto Globals, which means we have to get fifth or higher. I know with enough practice, and the right changes, we have a great chance at getting there.”

The team recently was featured on KSAT for their social media outreach. Seguin Treasure’s next contest, the State competition, will be held on April 6 and 7, 2018 in Mansfield, Texas. At State, they will compete for a chance to make it to the Globals competition in Tennessee.

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