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Cyber Patriots Tackle Internet Safety, Security

Ailine Meraz

Features Editor

Here at Seguin High School, we have a club that teaches you all about cyber security and how to prevent hacking. This class helps many students learn about this topic and helps them avert hacking while on the internet.

“Getting into the computer and configuring it for the best posture possible to avoid getting hacked is what we teach the kids,” Lenard Carter said. “It’s not a hacking class, it’s just about cyber security and being able to stop the hacking of a computer as much as possible.”

Not only does it help out with staying safe online, but it also allows students to get a feel of jobs in the real world. It gives them an experience of something they might want to pursue later on in life and be successful in.

“We all want to graduate and get a job,” Carter said. “So hopefully it gives some of them an enjoyment in a career path of something that they can pursue later on in life that will be beneficial from a professional standpoint and a monetary standpoint because it is one of the higher paid careers out there.”

This class also gives many benefits to the students taking it. It allows them and their friends and family members to stay safe online.

“Hopefully they understand that with these devices that we have at our fingertips there is responsibility,” Carter said. “There is also danger and caution that they should have as they navigate a site. So hopefully with this it gives them the knowledge, at a minimum, to be safer citizens when it comes to digital media.”

This club is definitely one to consider joining even if you’re not expecting to have a career path within this subject. You’ll get to attend many competitions and it’s always helpful to understand how to avoid getting hacked and how to stay safe while scrolling through the internet.

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