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Georgia Nickel

This year, the Seguin Star Steppers got the chance to host the annual dance competition known as Crowd Pleasers. Before and during this competition, dancers from our school help to host this competition and learn things about the inner workings of such a huge dance event.

"We have to make sure all the rooms are prepared because they'll be used as dressing rooms," Dance Coach Anderson said. "We're using pretty much the whole school, and we have to get trophies all collected and figured out. Parents will be here setting up hospitality rooms for directors, the concessions, pretty much-getting everything ready."

Though the team doesn't get to compete, Anderson says there are still plenty of responsibilities that the girls have to take on.

"We host it because we are under the Gold Battalion District Club," Anderson said. "We will run it completely, but we do not compete. So there are about 47 other schools and they come here to compete. It's an all-day event, and they're pretty much working the whole time, so they don't get to see it, only a very few who work inside the gym get to watch. But they pretty much run it, as it's a fundraiser, but it helps them."

Hosting takes a lot of work, and since Seguin High School has hosted this event twice before, a lot of veteran dancers know the name of the game when it comes to running Crowd Pleasers. However, according to Anderson, there's a lot of newbie dancers who she believes will learn a lot from hosting.

"It's a new exciting experience for a lot of them," Anderson said. "Half of our team is new girls, so I think they don't know what to expect."

Setup for these crowd-pleasers will begin for the dance team on February 14 right after school, and the event will start on February 15. We wish all of the dance team the best of luck!

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