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Cricket Critique: Reyna's Mexican Restaurant

Raven Trevino


Reyna’s Mexican Restaurant, located 707 E. Kingsbury St. is a local Mexican restaurant in Seguin which appears to be well-liked considering its 4.2 stars on Google reviews. I have only been to Reyna’s twice about 2 years ago, and hadn’t gone back since. In my past experience, the wait staff and servers were very rude, and it would take almost 20 minutes for someone to take your drink order. Least to say, the experience wasn’t pleasant, but I was interested to see if Reyna had changed their ways.

When first looking at the reviews of the restaurant, there were many who enjoyed their dining. Kevin Mathis, a local guide with 257 reviews, says “Great meal. The parrilla (barbecue) was excellent and the staff was friendly. They always try to please!”

“Excellent traditional Mexican menu,” Charity Means with 36 reviews said. “Best rice I’ve ever eaten. Perfect tangy lime to spicy ratio fluffy and amazing. Also very good breakfast tacos. Great spot, great service. 5 stars for sure.”

However, other reviews will say otherwise. “We walked in and our feet were sticking to the floor as we walked to our table,” Denise Sheffield with 27 reviews said. “Menu is very limited English, and the atmosphere was loud music, even during lunch. The place was not at all busy, but it was difficult to get service...we left without ordering.”

Denise wasn’t the only one who left unhappy.

“Worst service I have ever received and have been going there for a long time,” Renee Cutcher with 38 reviews said. “The waitress checked on us one time and never came back, the staff was laughing and carrying on behind the bar and I had to go ask for my check. Another waitress printed it out and just left it at my table. We waited for someone to come back and no one did, so I went to the bar to pay. She had no pen for me to sign the credit card and told me to use the pink marker and there was no management there. Very disappointing as I was with my elderly mother who took me out for lunch.”

Contrary to our previous experiences, the last time my family and I went to Reyna’s we were surprisingly satisfied. , First walking into the restaurant, there was a heavy smell of cinnamon and the pleasure of choosing your own table. The wait wasn’t long before we had our drinks and the waitress took our order.

We had ordered the “Texas Plate” which includes a serving of Carne guisada and a single cheese enchilada, and the rice, and choice of pinto or refried beans that comes with every plate. The Carne guisada was tender and easy to eat, considering carne guisada can be tough and hard to eat when not done right. We also tried the “Green Enchilada Plate” which includes 2 chicken enchiladas topped with green sauce and sour cream. The sauce was appetizing and complemented the chicken enchilada well.

When we asked the waitress for her recommendation, she told us about her personal favorite was the “Mary Y Tierra Salad” which includes 5 skewered jumbo shrimp, beef fajitas, bell peppers, and grilled onions. We decided to give it a try. The shrimp was grilled to a nice pink color and grill marks, the beef was flavorful and juicy, and the overall presentation was outstanding.

Last but not least, we ordered the 2 cheese chicken enchiladas and 1 crispy taco which my mother proceeded to clean her plate and in the brief moments she had her food Afterwards she proceeded by retracting her past statements about the low-quality service and food that she had made after her previous visit. Our waitress came by 4 times in the hour and a half we were there and made sure to ask if we needed any refills on our drinks when coming by the table. At the time we were there, our waitress was serving 4 tables around us including our table. Each table seemed well taken care of and the waitress kept up with every table nicely, no one appeared to have any problems.

Overall, the food was outstanding, the wait staff was friendly and the experience was nothing like what I expected. Only a couple of years ago, I had received terrible service while dining here which made me reluctant to give it another try. However, after dining there again I’m happy I gave it another shot. If anyone was to ask me, “What restaurant do you recommend in Seguin?” Reyna’s Mexican restaurant would be one of my top recommendations and I look forward to returning to Reyna’s soon.

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