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Come and Lake It!

Reilly Rodgers

Sports Editor

The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) recently made the controversial decision to drain the lakes: Meadow, Placid, McQueeney, and Gonzales. This comes as a response to the spill gate collapse at Lake Dunlap. Many homeowners on the lakes have come together to protest the draining. The protests are being called “Save the Lakes”.

Junior Gia Ross lives on Lake Placid and her whole family supports the Save the Lakes movement. Her family attends GBRA meetings and protests against the draining of the lakes. Hopefully, the GBRA can find another solution for them and the rest of the people living on the lakes.

“It’s tough you know, I’ve lived there my whole life and it’s the only thing I’ve ever known,” Ross said. “For them to take it away, it’s just not a good feeling. I’ve attended GBRA meetings and protested with signs. We’re gonna keep fighting and stay hopeful.”

Sophomore Charles White lives on Lake McQueeney with his family. A huge part of their daily routine is spending time together and with others on the lake. Like many others, they would also now have a gigantic, ugly, muddy pit in their backyard where a beautiful lake used to be, if it was drained.

“I’m pretty upset about it because I grew up here and it’s always been a big part of my life,” White said. “My parents have lived on McQueeney since ‘98 and I have lived [on McQueeney] my entire life. The property value without the lake will go way down because the lake is what makes these properties so valuable. I want everyone to know the #savethelakes.”

The GBRA, as of right now, has delayed draining the lakes while a $30 million proposal for repairs is being taken to the state. The repairs would expel the need for the lakes to be drained and stop any further collapses like on Dunlap. If the lakes are drained it would have a huge negative economic impact on the homeowners and businesses of Guadalupe County like the Lake Breeze Ski Lodge, which is entirely based around Lake McQueeney.

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