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Cheer Try-Outs Happening Soon

Lauren Smith

The high school is going to be holding its annual cheer tryouts not only for the incoming freshman but its existing members as well. Tryouts start on March 2 and last three school days. During this time, those who try out are required to learn a new dance and cheer.

Tryouts require a lot of physical strength as well as confidence because participants need to feel comfortable performing in front of large audiences.

For five days, students trying out will learn new routines, adjust to a new environment, and have an opportunity to meet new people.

"You have to do running tumbling, standing tumbling, jumps, and you have to have spirit on the mat with a smile on your face the whole time," varsity cheerleader Kari Sanchez said. "The hardest part is probably keeping a smile on your face and not letting the nerves get to you."

Returning cheerleaders and the coaches try their best to make things go as smoothly as possible. Since the coaches and returning cheerleaders have been through this before, they know what to expect, and how to ensure the girls feel welcomed.

"It was scary, but the whole team, especially the older girls and the coaches made me feel supported, and it wasn't too scary after that," JV cheerleader Lauren Perez said. "I let them know that they are not alone in this and that they are not the only ones that are struggling to make the team, and that there are always people on the mat to talk to or even just a lot of support before any game or competition."

"I think my favorite part is when it's over because everyone gets to hang out in the gym for a good hour and celebrate together," Sanchez said.

At the end of tryouts, girls and boys made the team have a small celebration for all the hard work they did to get where they are. Concluding this year's tryouts, cheerleaders already on the team are practicing, and preparing themselves for tryouts to not only find out if they made the team but, to see their improvement from this past year.

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