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Campus Practices ALICE Drill

by Jacob Castillo

Principle of Journalism Contributor

In light of recent school shootings, the campus held their first ALICE drill of the year to prepare students for an active shooter situation. On Friday, February 23 during second period, students and staff practiced a drill wherein a hall monitor acted as an intruder trying to gain access to classrooms.

Despite faculty and some parents being aware of the drill, many students did not know that it was scheduled to happen.

“I didn’t even know we were doing the practice,” junior Nivek Franklin said. “I feel the school can do a lot better by telling us these sort of thing [sic], so that kids and parents have nothing to fear.”

During the practice drill students were expected to perform one aspect of the ALICE training protocol. ALICE sets the precedent that each area of the school takes the action appropriate for them depending on where the shooter is. Some parts of the school evacuated, while others barricaded their rooms to prevent entrance.

In preparation for the drill sophomore Joshua Castillo thought he would be hiding in his room.

“I’ll be trying to sit still,” Castillo said. “ Keep quiet, cover myself and stay well hidden away from the doors and windows.”

He ended up being in a gym class, however, and evacuated with the rest of his group.

After the incident students had mixed feelings on whether they felt more prepared, but in general most thought that practicing was a good idea.

“I feel a little prepared,” junior Jesse Williams said. “Everything they’re teaching is the basics. It’s not any different from a fire drill or anything. I don’t feel I was taught exactly what to do since we were doing this short and brief.”

With school shootings happening more and more, and high schoolers across the nation now taking a stand and planning walkouts to protest gun violence in school, Seguin students are doing what they can to be prepared.

“You never know what can happen,” sophomore Morgan Gomez said. “It can happen here next, or somewhere else and nobody likes that feeling when this is supposed to be a learning environment.”

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