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Campus Bathrooms Still Shut Down

The student bathrooms have been closed randomly and without logical explanations weekly. When counted on Wednesday, February 28, only eight of the 14 bathrooms were open at a time. Often, the bathrooms that are open aren’t even properly stocked, with many students complaining of not having toilet paper or soap. This issue isn’t a recent one, with bathrooms being closed since last year. However, students expected that with the new school, perhaps bathrooms would be available to students, and this has not at all been the case. The bathrooms being closed has created confusion and chaos for students and teachers.

Students are greatly inconvenienced by this arbitrary change, and it takes away from class time. When students ask teachers to use the restroom, they aren’t allowed to leave in the first or last 15 minutes of class. This leaves 25 minutes for typically several students to use the restroom. Add in the search for one that is actually open, and suddenly two students have used up the entire 25 minutes on their own. If the bathrooms nearest classrooms were open, several more students would be able to use the bathroom.

Another major time waster about bathrooms being closed is the lines that form to wait for a stall. In a few of the bathrooms, there’s only two stalls, and lines of five or six form before people give up and go back to class, bladders still full. This repeats each class period, so even if students go during another class or even a passing period or lunch, they’re still not likely to find a time to go. There’s not a guarantee that any bathrooms on the way to class are actually open anyways, so saying “You should have gone in between class!” (a quote every student has heard from every teacher) doesn’t work.

The final problem with bathrooms being closed affects the female students. When girls are menstruating, they occasionally have to run to the bathroom. This is a bit of an emergency scenario, and not being able to find a restroom within a close distance can create a dire situation. It’s often hard enough for girls to even be let out of the classroom, even during this time, so once they get let out they need to get in the restroom fast. Ask any female student and they can share their horror stories of being unable to use the facilities when they desperately need to.

Having all restrooms open will be vastly beneficial to students and teachers. The restrooms were placed in the new school in order to be close to classrooms so that students could very quickly and conveniently go within a couple of minutes. This has not at all been the case, and it needs to change. It is unjust and inconsiderate to punish all students for the mistakes of a few and for the lack of monitors. If the administration believes each bathroom needs to be closely monitored, then they need to hire more hall monitors or figure out better places to station them. Janitors also need to be more responsible for restocking toiletries, especially in the main hallway, where multiple times students have been recorded of finding no toilet paper at all in the stalls. Using the bathroom shouldn’t be a challenge. It should be (and legally is) a right.

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