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Business Professionals Take on Regionals

by Reyna Davila


Business Professionals of America is an award winning program here in Seguin that has sent many members to nationals. In BPA, members compete in a various amount of competitions including anything from banking and finances to presentation management and web design. In fact, there were six out of seven finalists competing in video production , presentation management, and graphic design promotion that went to Orlando, Florida for nationals last year. Bpa is a great way for someone to learn more about the business industry and what qualities the jobs have to offer.

There’s an endless choice of events for members to compete in. Although all of these events have their differences, they all come together to teach students about the business industry. Participants can compete in a various amount of things, and they all offer a lot of opportunities to learn about the characteristics of the business world.

“BPA has a plethora of different competitions to suit everyone's interests,” BPA president Emilie Weber said. “We offer competitions like animation, and video production, and banking and finance, and small business management. Personally I’m competing in Graphic Design and am a member of our parliamentary procedure team. I can’t wait to see how far we go.”

BPA can greatly impact people's lives in that it could aid in their future career choice. This organization undoubtedly helps to determine what people really take pride and interest in.

“BPA has made a tremendous impact on my career because it's where I discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” Weber said. “A few weeks before nationals in Boston of May 2016, I was given my first camera. All during Boston I learned how to photograph and discovered that I loved it so much that I wanted to make it a part of my life. I remember looking back on those pictures and the memories they hold inside them coming alive. I wouldn't have that without BPA.”

Being a part of BPA can be like having a second family for some. They all work together to practice for competition and create a bond with each other that’s unbreakable.

“I love it when I can see a student who may not have much confidence succeed and advance in competition,” BPA advisor Diana Weber said. “Just seeing how they improve from one event to the next is amazing. When you believe in someone you can see their confidence grow and their leadership helps them be more confident in competition and gives them a sense of pride.”

These competitions need a lot of organization, and wouldn’t be able to happen without the BPA advisors. The advisors work for months in preparation for competitions along with the help of the student leadership involved in the organization.

“This organization is successful and growing due to the excellent organizational skills of students, advisors, leadership and volunteers,” BPA Advisor Sharon Booth said. “In BPA, you only get out what you put in, but it is a personal reward to learn and grow from the competition.”

Altogether, BPA helps the participants with learning about how the business world works. It not only teaches them, but also prepares them for their future. If participants do decide to start a career in the business industry, BPA is the organization to join. Competition is just a gateway into the learning process.

Photo by: Lizz Pumphrey

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