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Boys Baseball Bowls to fundraise

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Reilly Rodgers

Baseball is holding its annual Bowl-a-thon at Fiesta Lanes in New Braunfels, on Saturday, February 22 to raise money for the team. In addition, the event draws in many visitors and sponsors every year - both fans of baseball and bowling alike. People donate money for every pin knocked down by the players, and this is the third year of it.

There are high expectations to raise a lot of the money on the upperclassman, this includes Junior Stephen Kent plays on varsity and has spent his time securing sponsors for the event.

“It’s a good, fun way for the baseball organization to make money for the equipment we need and food for the team on game days, it is also fun to compete on a team to try to win it,” Kent said. “Each player on the team gets sponsorships and donations from businesses and family, people that also like to be involved with the school board and sports donate items to be auctioned off and make extra money from that. We are trying to make over 10k which will pay for baseballs, baseball equipment, and food. The Bowl-a-thon will also be held in the New Braunfels bowling alley because the Seguin one is closed.”

Sophomore Connor Edwards is another member of the team and has also been working to bring in money for the program alongside his teammates.

“Sponsorships are available and all proceeds go to the Matador Baseball Program,” Edwards said. “I’m excited to raise money for my program and bowl with my friends. [My group] is hoping to raise $1600 for new equipment for the baseball program. [I like that] all of my friends get to come together and play a big game of bowling.”

With the season beginning soon, it is important to the team that they get a good showing. The baseball team invited any supporters to come out on Saturday, the 22nd at Fiesta Lanes for fun, food, and prizes.

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