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Bathroom Closings Update

Quintin Poyner


After the previous edition of Cricket Chirps went to print, Principal Hector Esquivel spoke to us regarding the bathroom closings and issues. The closing of several bathrooms is actually due to plumbing issues.

“For the past three weeks, we have had the restrooms downstairs broken and we have had others along the same (sewer) lines that have had problems for whatever reason,” Esquivel said. “We haven’t figured it out. We’ve had experts and plumbers and everything, but we believe some sewer lines are being crossed and it’s making those restrooms back up. We’ve had issues with those in the 200 wings, and the one in the 100 wings. We’ve had to close those for the same reason as well.”

According to Esquivel, all restrooms are currently open except for the Delta wing second story, and those next to the cafeteria and Matador Commons. There have been minor issues due to construction, but for the most part restrooms have been closed due to maintenance, and not due to disciplinary reasons as previously reported.

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